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Minted Program Challenge

When Minted, my favorite stationery website announced this crafty contest I couldn’t resist. Almost 1 year ago, I married my high school sweetheart and have been going through wedding withdrawal ever since, so thanks Minted!

I received three unique program covers in my packet. The first is a classic monogram design on pearlescent paper. I coordinated with the touches of light blue and the shimmering theme with a diamond and flower to hold it all together and an envelope of confetti flowers to boot!

The second is a traditional program with a fabulous engagement photo on the cover. I incorporated the pearls from the bride-to-be’s earrings and had fun with this one! The envelope inside holds a card for well wishes, to be put in the guest book following the ceremony.

The third is a modern grey and yellow design, with the perfect type! I had fun with the colors and the playful nature of this design with the knotted rope and mustache!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these invitations as much as I did creating them!

The origins of Starr

Just a few words about the name of my blog: Shouting Starr.  The two r’s are key, for Starr with a double r is my middle name.  I share my middle name with my maternal grandma, Beverly Starr Osuch.  She is truly a star; she was one of the very first women in the Marines and on September 5, 2010 she celebrated her 95th birthday and she is still shining bright!  So now you have a glimpse of why starrdom is such an important part of who I am.  Ever since I can remember, stars have been my favorite shape, and now that I have moved from Colorado to Texas I see stars on a daily basis!

No, I won’t be shouting in my blog, rather I will be exploring my new life as an Austinite, a newlywed, and I will be stargazing different career paths and methods of marketing.  Marketing is so much more than my degree, rather it is a passion, and something that is such a everyone’s daily lives.  I hope you enjoy and maybe learn something with me!